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Our public library features a lot of activities in the evenings, so next week I will line those up to observe

PostHeaderIcon A Week Gone By!

It has been a full week which makes it seem long.  Feels like I have not been on here in ages, though I have!  Today I am going to attend the OPGES PD in Owensboro.   Yea!  I can count this towards observation hours!  I don’t know how everyone else is doing, but it has been a struggle for me to get these hours in. The hardest part is not just having to take personal days for it, but that I have to make sure I don’t use the same days each week, since I only see my students for that one hour in computers once a week. There were two Fridays I have missed this month which means two weeks I had to have alternate plans for my sub which pushes the original assignments back. Not everyone can teach computers, especially if I get an older sub.  So, yes, I am experiencing trials and tribulations!    On a positive note, I will have one degree finished in May!!  Hope everyone is on track!

PostHeaderIcon Back on track

Ahh, it’s nice to be back on the academic track. After these couple weeks being back, I feel I’m finally getting everything back in order. The kids are getting back in the swing of things and it’s great to see them working hard. I have a class my librarian and I co-teach and it is going extremely well. She heads up all the RTI classes and works/consults with the teachers who teach them. My students took their first test and they all passed with flying colors. She has been able to take this opportunity and make it a learning experience not only for my students but also for me. She told me this would also be part of my job, checking reading levels/speed and making sure students are in the right class to improve their reading capabilities. She and I have been able to discuss what all her duties are and I am still getting to see them in action and learn more and more about being an experienced librarian and media specialist. I am learning so much and it makes me excited for when I am able to fill the role.

PostHeaderIcon Junior Achievement Day!

JA in a Day! I had the pleasure of helping organizing this event with my mentor. Today we have over 30 business and industry representatives that our holding presentations in different classrooms including our media center all day long. This was an absolute nightmare planning for the whole junior class. We have over 450 juniors in this year’s class and my mentor and I along with others in our group had to plan out a rotation for our seven class periods so that every junior is able to hear from every business and industry spokesperson. They will be talking to our students about career opportunities as well as what opportunities are available for them after high school. Today should be interesting, its 9:40 a.m. and so far so good!

PostHeaderIcon Reading Night – What Fun!

Our elementary school held a Family Reading Night where parents bring the students to the school for a night of fun reading activities.  Facilitated by teachers, the activities focused on all areas of reading and included playing phonic games, fishing for letters, etc.  The school principal and other staff dressed up as their favorite book characters.  I worked with the book exchange which was held in the library.  The idea is to bring a book and then get a new book.  Of course, every student that came in was able to get a book whether they brought one in or not.

PostHeaderIcon Middle and High School Observation

My middle school and high school observation was split.  I will have to work it out where I do a whole day at each, but the day is pretty much the same.  The middle school classes taught by the librarian were Communications and Arts and Humanities.  The students worked on the Compass Learning system focusing on math operations.  Some students worked on their PowerPoint presentations for another class assignment.  I walked around and answered questions on math problems and PowerPoint software.  My high school observation included an English Remediation class in which students were reading Into The Wild and answering study questions and an Arts and Humanities class who watched a video Lascaux Revisited: Images of Lascaux Cave.  It was a very different atmosphere from the elementary school.

PostHeaderIcon Back on the ball

Well, now that winter looks like it may be gone…(hopefully!) I finally got to get a couple more hours in this week.  The library reading group was fun.  It seems like they have a core of “regulars” that attend each week at the same time.  This group was read a story, then listened to a little song where they were asked to do a couple different dances, another book, and then a coloring activity.  During the coloring activity, some of the parents passed out snacks and drinks they had brought.

New for me this week (today) was getting some time in with a student from our FMD class.  In order to get some experience, I requested to work with a student one on one.  Today, she came to the front and we spent an hour doing daily things that are done in an office.  We worked on making copies, scanning documents and sending faxes.  I am going to try to do this over the next little bit to see if I can make an impact.  I know this may not seem very advanced to most, but it was a very big learning experience for her.  To be able to make the right amount of copies, correctly, by herself was a huge accomplishment for her!

PostHeaderIcon Friday the 13th!

I had a great opportunity on Friday the 13th to observe and work in our media center with my mentor. I was able to do this because our girls basketball team was playing in the state tournament. Due to almost 70% of our student body being absent I decided to spend most of the day helping out in our media center. I was afraid it was going to be one of those chaotic days but for the most part it went very smooth. I was able to assist students that were behind in some subject areas and I also helped a group of students do research for their senior project. Overall, it was a good day!

PostHeaderIcon I’M NOT CRAZY! LOL.

Well, I went back and viewed my posts, and yep!  I had already posted about visiting the elementary school this past Friday!

PostHeaderIcon Great Observation

Talk about De Ja Vu!  I could have sworn I had already created this post!  Well, anyway, on Friday the 13th, I observed all day at Jefferson Elementary and had a very productive day!  I learned a lot from Carol Williams, the LMS, and especially got some much needed tips on how to revamp my own library!

To top it off, there happened to be a short assembly where the students got to duck tape the principal to the gym wall!  Only those students who reached their AR goals could participate..  It was very fun to watch!

This Thursday, I go to another Middle school for observation.  Getting closer in fulfilling the needed hours.. One thing I have to do is get them posted into LIVEteXT!!