PostHeaderIcon Wow! Talk about an unexpected break!

For the past two weeks, school here has been cancelled. It has really thrown me off.  Also, my laptop decided to go to tech-heaven and is no longer with us. So, I’ve been having a difficult time staying on track and deciding what I have and haven’t done, what my students have and haven’t done and trying to keep my sanity through this. I’m not going to lie, I have mostly enjoyed getting to sleep in until 6am but I am missing my students and being in the swing of the school year. Hopefully, we will be back on track Monday morning and everything will be business as usual. I hope everyone has had a fun and safe little break and no one’s power was out or any fatalities occurred. Also, I hope every is excited for RAA/ Dr. Seuss day! It’s my favorite  day of  the school year! Hopefully, my visit with the elementary kids during my planning hour will go well and they will learn to love Dr. Seuss as much as I do! I’m also thinking of something to do with my high school students to help ease them back in the swing of things. This week, I shall go back to observing in the library and learning about being a media specialist! Have an amazing week everyone and best wishes!!!! :D

PostHeaderIcon Ready to get the ball rolling or the books read, I should say!

It was nice having the week off, but that also meant that I could not contact any schools for observations. This week is pretty much out since I have so much catching up to do with the kids. Except maybe Thursday.  I might be able to get a half day in at one of our near-by schools.

I am eager to meet all the area librarians!  Even though committing to the observation hours curtails days with my own students, as a professional I need and want to see what others are doing in their schools, so that I might be able to implement new ideas into my own library.

Have a Blessed week everyone!

PostHeaderIcon Snow Days!

Or  should I say SNOW WEEK!!!  With the school district and our local library shut down for the week, there was no opportunity to observe.  Hopefully, this week will be different!

PostHeaderIcon Snow Days

Snow days are…nice, but have definitely cut into my observation time! I went up to the high school yesterday to do a few things around the office and I stopped in the library to see if Mrs. Holt was there so that I could try to get some impromptu time in, but, no one was home…!
I am going to go ahead and predict that the site based meeting scheduled for Monday at the elementary school will be rescheduled. I don’t know about everyone else, but it is predicted here to be a mess with this freezing rain then low temperatures predicted for Sunday into Monday. Other than not getting the hours, I don’t really mind the time off!

PostHeaderIcon Just daydreaming

With a whole week off from school I have had time to reflect on my role as our school’s librarian, and what I have been teaching the students.  As always, my thoughts run to, “how can I improve what I am teaching, and “how can I improve my assessments”.   As I perused our book, New on the Job, I noticed chapter 12 deals with reflecting on what was and what will be.  That should be an interesting read. There is a brief mention of assessments  in Chapter 5, and on page 27, in our book, Empowering Learners,  there is also a section on assessment. So, should we have yet again, another snow day on Monday, I know what I will be doing!

PostHeaderIcon Observation

I have racked up many hours for my observation. I’ve mostly completed them in my high school library but have also gone to the local elementary school. We’ve been out this entire week due to snow, so I will continue with the middle school library next week. It’s been difficult to go to the other schools because they have been using the library to complete the writing assessment. I also went to a board meeting and that was rather interesting, too. It was nice to get together with members of the community to see how they decide what is best for our children and our schools. Although, I didn’t necessarily agree with some of their choices, I could tell they were passionate about doing what is right for the community as a whole. Going to this meeting made me realize sitting on the board of education might be something I’m interested in in the future. It would be nice to have an actual teacher on the board to give some input on bettering the schools.

PostHeaderIcon Observations

I have been putting in several hours working/helping out in the Media center at my high school. Some of my hours I have completed during my planning period when I have time (which isn’t enough). The rest of my time I have been working after school in the media center with our CHEERS program. This is a program after school for students that need extra assistance with a class they are struggling in. Just like Theresa said I also need to schedule out times of when I’m going to observe so that I’m not just walking in when I have time. This is my first semester of graduate classes and I am also taking EDU 633 Curriculum Development and it is taking almost all of my extra time to complete all the task. So far it has been very enjoyable working in the library and very rewarding helping students finding resources that will help them with their classes that they are struggling with.

PostHeaderIcon Where to observe next

I need to set myself up with a schedule of where to observe next.  I had been holding off as I was hoping to get some of the days forgiven so that I wouldn’t have to use all my personal days. I thought maybe there might something in the school policy for extended schooling, but apparently not.  So.. I will try to use the local schools around me for my planning times, but that does cut it close to me getting back to school on time. I have a PD that I am going to attend that I can use for hours, but the rest will just have to come from my personal days.

PostHeaderIcon Book Fair

My book fair was a success though I have not finished my paperwork yet!  I had planned that this week but so far we have not been in session!   For the first time I was able to reflect about my fair and I came away with thoughts that it could be better.  Normally, I have set up by myself and would have a few parents volunteer. That proved challenging this year, so I happened to talk to one of the parents about having a team next year to help with ideas and to create a really awesome fair.  I learned there is a contest every year with scholastic and if chosen it is worth a lot of extra money for the fair. I want to compete next year, and the parent has already come to me with names of others that she is getting on board!  I may test out the waters and ask my principal if I can have another smaller fair at the end of the year.

PostHeaderIcon First Observations

Two weeks ago I observed three days with my mentor at her High School library.  I learned how she added books to the system and compared it to the way that I do .   We each had our own system but I reaffirmed that I was indeed doing things the correct way.

On the second day of observation we both met with a Rep from World Book Online. Our school subscribes to that and it was a very informative meeting!  I realized that our teachers are not using the service to its potential and quickly sent out emails discussing the various resources available to us.

On the third day, my mentor and I briefly brainstormed ideas for my research project.