PostHeaderIcon Much needed break!

Spring break begins in my school district next week and to say I need a break would be an understatement. I just started my master’s program this semester and came out of the gate taking two classes. I teach 4 different preps in my 6 periods each day and my planning periods are usually spent in the library. I really enjoy my time working in the library and with the librarian but I need a break! I know this stressful time is short lived and will pay off in the future so that is my motivation right now.I hope everyone has a restful spring break and enjoys it like I know I will.

PostHeaderIcon PBIS Training

I got to attend a PBIS training yesterday as a representative from the high school/coupled with also being asked to be a parent representative for the elementary school.  It was the first of 4 trainings over time.  The whole idea was an interesting concept.  Basically a way to promote positive behaviors, promote consistency across your school (for rules and discipline)- a way to look at lowering discipline referrals…like I said, interesting.

We are already doing Leader in Me in our schools- I feel like this is a good complimenting program.  I was disappointed that there were no middle school representatives there yesterday, I feel like in order for these programs to truly pay off, we need to have it carry over from school to school.  We are  a small county, we only have 3 elementary schools, one middle school and one high school- it shouldn’t take much to keep us all together on the same page!

Apparently incorporating the SWIS program will be one of our next steps as a way to evaluate our discipline numbers and report on if we are seeing a change.  When we formed the team I was chosen to be the recorder and the list keeper.  As a team we are now expected to meet monthly and had to go ahead and plan all of next year’s meetings before we left.  Our next meeting will be April 20th- then we plan to present the concept to the teachers towards the end of May after school is out.

Although I am interested in what the other trainings have in store- overall I am the most intrigued to see if these tweaks will really show in our referral numbers.  We have had an overall bad year for fights and referrals along with kids being sent to the alternative school.  I shared the experience with our principal today and we both said we look the most forward to seeing how the are going to reflect.

PostHeaderIcon Play Practice!

Last week, I used planning time while subbing to get in another observation hour.  Every grade at our elementary school puts on a play presented as a PTO event.  The students practice during their “specials” (gym, art, library, music).  The music teacher of course does the songs and drama.  Some students want to participate in making set designs, so the art teacher works with them.  The librarian works with the music teacher helping with lines, stage presence, and dances.  (Anna Cummins can cut a mean rug!)  I assisted the students with their lines and where to go on stage, as well as just general class management.  It was the beginning practices, but it looks to be a really cute production.

PostHeaderIcon Spring Break

This week is only a four day week due to Spring Break beginning Good Friday. As a teacher, I’m excited to finally have a break and be able to get caught up with grading and getting my lesson plans back in order. As a student, I am sad to have Spring Break because that means I won’t have a chance to get my Field Experience hours. I enjoy my time in the library. I’ve known the librarian for a long time now but I am glad I get to work with her. It’s one thing knowing a teacher but it’s another to actually work with them and get to know more about what they do. I knew librarians work hard but I didn’t realize how much work they had to do and how many classes they had to keep track of and work with. It really gives me a new perspective on things.

PostHeaderIcon Maker spaces

Maker spaces seems to be the new rage right now. I came across an activity on Pinterest to make an LED book mark. The conductive thread is the most expensive item to purchase and I don’t have it calculated to see how many bookmarks could be made with the spool  of thread.  But I think I am going to do this!





PostHeaderIcon OPGES

The PD for OPGES (Other Professional Growth Effectiveness System) was very informative.  There were about 21 other librarians there, some I had met through KASL, and some I had newly met through my observations.  I work at a private school and as of right now do not have to follow OPGES guidelines, but I did read through the standards which gave me a greater idea of which direction I should be taking my students.  I had talked to my principal about OPGES and there is talk that those standards will be used during K-Tip. She told me that the K-TIP standards were being revisited and changed.

During the workshop we were put in groups and then had to  choose a standard write what an Exemplary one would look like, then we had to write a standard for a personal growth area.   Kathy Mansfield led the PD and she was informative, funny, and very knowledgeable about the topic. We even learned that years ago she was on Wheel of Fortune, made it to the bonus round and won a trip and $22,000 dollars!

Overall, it was a great PD and I am glad that I had the chance to go.

PostHeaderIcon Public Library

Our public library features a lot of activities in the evenings, so next week I will line those up to observe

PostHeaderIcon A Week Gone By!

It has been a full week which makes it seem long.  Feels like I have not been on here in ages, though I have!  Today I am going to attend the OPGES PD in Owensboro.   Yea!  I can count this towards observation hours!  I don’t know how everyone else is doing, but it has been a struggle for me to get these hours in. The hardest part is not just having to take personal days for it, but that I have to make sure I don’t use the same days each week, since I only see my students for that one hour in computers once a week. There were two Fridays I have missed this month which means two weeks I had to have alternate plans for my sub which pushes the original assignments back. Not everyone can teach computers, especially if I get an older sub.  So, yes, I am experiencing trials and tribulations!    On a positive note, I will have one degree finished in May!!  Hope everyone is on track!

PostHeaderIcon Back on track

Ahh, it’s nice to be back on the academic track. After these couple weeks being back, I feel I’m finally getting everything back in order. The kids are getting back in the swing of things and it’s great to see them working hard. I have a class my librarian and I co-teach and it is going extremely well. She heads up all the RTI classes and works/consults with the teachers who teach them. My students took their first test and they all passed with flying colors. She has been able to take this opportunity and make it a learning experience not only for my students but also for me. She told me this would also be part of my job, checking reading levels/speed and making sure students are in the right class to improve their reading capabilities. She and I have been able to discuss what all her duties are and I am still getting to see them in action and learn more and more about being an experienced librarian and media specialist. I am learning so much and it makes me excited for when I am able to fill the role.

PostHeaderIcon Junior Achievement Day!

JA in a Day! I had the pleasure of helping organizing this event with my mentor. Today we have over 30 business and industry representatives that our holding presentations in different classrooms including our media center all day long. This was an absolute nightmare planning for the whole junior class. We have over 450 juniors in this year’s class and my mentor and I along with others in our group had to plan out a rotation for our seven class periods so that every junior is able to hear from every business and industry spokesperson. They will be talking to our students about career opportunities as well as what opportunities are available for them after high school. Today should be interesting, its 9:40 a.m. and so far so good!