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The previous upteen inches of snow was washed away by 2 inches of rain and now I’m looking out the window at 8 1/2 inches of new snow that appeared overnight.  Our county is under a level 3 emergency and the schools and public library are closed to say the least.  Also battling the stomach bug.  Ugh! Hoping that next week will bring some opportunities to observe.

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PostHeaderIcon I Can Relate! With time on my hands and watching my own cat!

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Another day home.  Luckily I brought all my papers home to grade!

PostHeaderIcon Snow Day # 11

Today, school is getting dismissed at 12:30. There goes any hope of getting anything completed during my planning period. This is rather frustrating. Hopefully, if we do get bad weather, we won’t be out too long this time and will be able to return to school Monday. I have abandoned all hope of returning to school Friday of this week. At this point, I’m praying it just misses us completely. I’ve not even gotten my classes back on track from the two weeks we were out. Yesterday, we were on lock down until 12:50 because the junior class was taking the ACT (yay for standardized testing). So I wasn’t able to do anything yesterday, either. I love my job and I love my students but I do not like all this weather that is messing up my plans. It is extremely hard to keep everything on track. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one suffering. I’m just sorry y’all are dealing with all this too. Keep your head up and keep pushing forward! This weather can’t last forever! Hope y’all have a blessed day and a blessed rest of the week! Stay safe and warm! :D

PostHeaderIcon Snow Day

I am glad that our school called off today rather than have a half day. When there is bad weather and they do half-days, it is usually a crunch time of dismissal and lots of prayers that everyone gets home safely. Perhaps I can get my observation schedule done..

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So… has anyone noticed the “Dolly” references at the top of the page? :)

PostHeaderIcon Elementary Visit

I observed a Kindergarten library class yesterday. I was impressed that for the duration of the hour, the classroom aide stayed, of course the librarian was there and a computer teacher. Last year the library merged with the computer room, or rather, the computers were merged into the library. The librarian and the computer teacher work in groups.  First the there was a whole-group library time, about 20 minutes. Then they are split into two groups. Group A goes to the computers while group B checks out books. Then after 20 minutes they switch.  All the kindergarteners do is a computer-based program. I did not ask what the third graders do, but I would like to find out.  Technically, that is not my idea of being a “computer” class, if all they are doing is playing some predetermined program.  But the session ran smoothly, and I liked how when the kids were done checking out they drew a place to read from a basket on the desk..

PostHeaderIcon More snow in the forecast?

Well, Friday was the first day we were back in school since Friday February 13th. NOW- we have the threat of 8-10 inches moving in later this week. I think to would be best to try to arrange to get some hours in before the threat of that! Hopefully I can get in tomorrow and learn something new!

PostHeaderIcon RTI Reading class

I have been observing our school media specialist during my planning period on Tuesdays and Thursdays since this course began.  She teaches an RTI reading class to 8th grade students who need additional reading practice and assistance.  It is nice because she only has 6 students, so there is plenty of 0ne-one-one instructional time. I have all 6 students in regular 8th grade reading class, and can see the benefits from the extra instruction and practice.  While she is teaching, the media center is closed for book checkout, which is unfortunate for the rest of the student population, although Mrs. Young has created a checkout schedule that works pretty well.

PostHeaderIcon Wow! Talk about an unexpected break!

For the past two weeks, school here has been cancelled. It has really thrown me off.  Also, my laptop decided to go to tech-heaven and is no longer with us. So, I’ve been having a difficult time staying on track and deciding what I have and haven’t done, what my students have and haven’t done and trying to keep my sanity through this. I’m not going to lie, I have mostly enjoyed getting to sleep in until 6am but I am missing my students and being in the swing of the school year. Hopefully, we will be back on track Monday morning and everything will be business as usual. I hope everyone has had a fun and safe little break and no one’s power was out or any fatalities occurred. Also, I hope every is excited for RAA/ Dr. Seuss day! It’s my favorite  day of  the school year! Hopefully, my visit with the elementary kids during my planning hour will go well and they will learn to love Dr. Seuss as much as I do! I’m also thinking of something to do with my high school students to help ease them back in the swing of things. This week, I shall go back to observing in the library and learning about being a media specialist! Have an amazing week everyone and best wishes!!!! :D