PostHeaderIcon BOOK FAIR!

OK! After working with the HS librarian for a couple hours today- I got to observe the book fair at the elementary school! I had went to observe them before and it was RIGHT when the book fair had ended, so I missed it. I didn’t think I would get to see another before it was over, but then came the end of year “buy one get one” book fair!
Since I had a full day of observing at the middle school earlier in the week (which was somewhat uneventful), it was a little hard to work out a time to get to the elementary school- but in talking to their librarian- he suggested that I come on the last day because it is typically the busiest so I could really see the action. He wasn’t lying! In the 3 hours I was there towards the end of the day- the steady flow of traffic was amazing! I remember being younger and hearing the words “book fair”. I remember that excitement, and feeling the independence of picking my OWN book- I couldn’t wait to show my friends what I got- then couldn’t wait to get home to read it. It was the best! I could see that in the kids faces today. Some of them had even been in earlier int he week and talked about how they had already finished reading the books they had purchased and wanted to get more!
I believe the librarian said that they made the “least” off of this sale as far as profit from the publisher- but they sometimes used this one to capitalize on the book the company says they will provide in lieu of the money. The other times of the year they do the sale- the keep the money they make…I BELIEVE I got that right…:). I will be back in the elementary to observe Monday morning- so I will get to help with packing away the book fair items as well as file the books that were returned during that time- since they kind of got put on the back burner.

PostHeaderIcon Back in the Swing

As we’re just starting back from an amazing break, I feel now is when we kick into overdrive since the end of the school year is quickly approaching and testing begins soon. For me, testing begins tomorrow. Also, I’m getting more and more hours to work with my reading students, which is amazing because they’re really a great group of kids. They all struggle but do not allow it to keep them down. They are so headstrong and have improved since the beginning of the year when I first started working with them. I can’t tell y’all how proud I am of them. This is the kind of thing that answers the infamous question: “why do I teach, again?” haha. Going into the library and getting the opportunity to see them learn and grow makes all the work worth it. I’m actually sad the year is almost over. haha. I have absolutely loved getting the opportunity to work with the librarian and I am so glad she’s put so much faith in me, although I was a bit freaked out at the time since I just graduated last December. However, observing her and getting to bounce ideas of her as well as other teachers has really made me confident in my abilities. I can’t wait to finish this semester even stronger than when we first began. :D

PostHeaderIcon Middle School Observation

Tomorrow I get to observe in the middle school. I am actually taking a full day so that I can observe and get some hours in. It will be interesting to be down there because I have heard nothing but horror stories about these middle school kids! I will be in a classroom mainly- hoping to get into the library on Thursday. Every year it seems that the middle school teachers talk about how bad of a class they have. It usually takes one semester at the high school to cure that, for most of them. I don’t know whether it is maturity or being around older kids…but it will be interesting to see them “in their natural habitat” ha!!!!

PostHeaderIcon Cheers Program

I have had the opportunity to help with our after school program in the media center called cheers. This is a program for students to catch up with missing assignments, tutoring, or simply just a place to hang out after school. This event takes place Monday through Thursday and is located in our media center. The students that stay after to hang out usually assist other students or work on projects of their own. The week before spring break I helped a group of female students repair the picnic tables that our custodians use. This is something that our high school has been doing since I have been working here and now I am seeing what a truly great program this is for the students.

PostHeaderIcon After School Tutoring

I have had the chance to participate in some after school tutoring this week with elementary school kids. I worked with 1st graders and helped with math, spelling and reading. It is interesting to see how they are teaching math now. It seems to be one thing that is always changing. This week, the math I helped with dealt with grouping things in “10’s” and “1’s” and doing addition and subtraction from that visual. I feel as if the concept is to break down numbers in order to make the problem easier to solve…but me personally I feel like it is a lot of extra steps and a lot of focus on things besides the actual problem- BUT- I am not a first grader learning math- I have already learned in my way- so I need to embrace the change and roll with the instructions given!

PostHeaderIcon Good Morning from Myrtle Beach!

Nothing new this week.  Our school is on Spring Break, and my husband and I are in Myrtle Beach. I have the last of my observation hours scheduled between next week and the last of April.  I did check out the local library here yesterday.  It was Chapin Public Library. Small, quaint and quiet.  In this busy beach town it was nice to see that not everyone is concerned with being on it.

So, with nothing new to add, I will check back in when we arrive home Saturday!  I hope the weather back home will be as nice as it is here!


PostHeaderIcon Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yea!  I am halfway through my observation hours. I scheduled the last 3 today.  As challenging as it was to complete the necessary hours, I do admit that I have learned a great deal from my visits.  It was good to learn that all the librarians I visited (school) also used the Destiny program. Are there librarians here who use anything different?

Apart from the tips of the trade that I have gleaned, I have also made valuable friendships and have extended my network of librarian peers!  Best of all, I love the listserv!  (And Teachers Pay Teachers!)  Happy Easter Everyone!

PostHeaderIcon Much needed break!

Spring break begins in my school district next week and to say I need a break would be an understatement. I just started my master’s program this semester and came out of the gate taking two classes. I teach 4 different preps in my 6 periods each day and my planning periods are usually spent in the library. I really enjoy my time working in the library and with the librarian but I need a break! I know this stressful time is short lived and will pay off in the future so that is my motivation right now.I hope everyone has a restful spring break and enjoys it like I know I will.

PostHeaderIcon PBIS Training

I got to attend a PBIS training yesterday as a representative from the high school/coupled with also being asked to be a parent representative for the elementary school.  It was the first of 4 trainings over time.  The whole idea was an interesting concept.  Basically a way to promote positive behaviors, promote consistency across your school (for rules and discipline)- a way to look at lowering discipline referrals…like I said, interesting.

We are already doing Leader in Me in our schools- I feel like this is a good complimenting program.  I was disappointed that there were no middle school representatives there yesterday, I feel like in order for these programs to truly pay off, we need to have it carry over from school to school.  We are  a small county, we only have 3 elementary schools, one middle school and one high school- it shouldn’t take much to keep us all together on the same page!

Apparently incorporating the SWIS program will be one of our next steps as a way to evaluate our discipline numbers and report on if we are seeing a change.  When we formed the team I was chosen to be the recorder and the list keeper.  As a team we are now expected to meet monthly and had to go ahead and plan all of next year’s meetings before we left.  Our next meeting will be April 20th- then we plan to present the concept to the teachers towards the end of May after school is out.

Although I am interested in what the other trainings have in store- overall I am the most intrigued to see if these tweaks will really show in our referral numbers.  We have had an overall bad year for fights and referrals along with kids being sent to the alternative school.  I shared the experience with our principal today and we both said we look the most forward to seeing how the are going to reflect.

PostHeaderIcon Play Practice!

Last week, I used planning time while subbing to get in another observation hour.  Every grade at our elementary school puts on a play presented as a PTO event.  The students practice during their “specials” (gym, art, library, music).  The music teacher of course does the songs and drama.  Some students want to participate in making set designs, so the art teacher works with them.  The librarian works with the music teacher helping with lines, stage presence, and dances.  (Anna Cummins can cut a mean rug!)  I assisted the students with their lines and where to go on stage, as well as just general class management.  It was the beginning practices, but it looks to be a really cute production.