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Just curious if anyone plans to go to the summer refresher in Paducah?

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I guess this marks the end of the class and where I reflect on what I’ve learned and where I hope to take my learning.

I have learned much this semester. My eyes were opened to what a library is, its place in society and the many, many roles of the librarian.  A library is at the center of learning from whence education flows outward, and a necessary component in any school setting. The librarian provides the masses of patrons with the tools to access information and assimilate its meaning according to individual needs. At the core of a librarian lays collaboration, creativity, useful knowledge of technology, 21st Century learning skills and the ability to teach those skills in diversified ways.   An Acrostic Poem  mostly from the ALA Library Standards.

L ove their work

I  ntroduce  inquiry  based learning

B elong to everyone

R einforce a wide variety of reading strategies

A dvocate for intellectual freedom and privacy

R esearch projects for evidenced-based data value

I nitiate continous learning with assessments

A pply best practices to plan, budget and evaluate resources

N ever stop learning professionally

S upport p-12 critical thinking and creative processes

Where to go from here:

I hope to take what I have learned and be able to incorporate it into my library. I want to challenge my students more and use more diverse assessments to get their individual thoughts moving on their own. I want to update my library so that is as efficient as possible and to also update my circulation and provide the students with current resources and technologies.

PostHeaderIcon As it all comes to an end

I can’t believe how much my observations and experiences have opened my eyes!  I have volunteered for things I usually just observe on- I have served on committees that are usually just for teachers- all to get a better understanding of what is going on in our school and community.  It wasn’t something I felt like I HAD to do- it just turned into something I wanted to do.  I feel as if I got a pretty good variety of observation hours in- however I will say that off all the hours I did- helping with the book fair was my favorite!  I FORGOT what it was like when I was little and I had book fair.  I LOVED it!  Being able to come in and watch the classes come through and see all of the kids looking for something they love- and seeing the variety of things they pick- it was just heart warming.  Even the kids who came in with just $1 could find something.  In all honesty- the book fair looks like a lot of work for the “librarian”, but it is a really good way for the library to earn money and expose the kids to books that the library doesn’t carry.  Mr. Wolford was great with the kids and had a very good idea of what they would or wouldn’t like.  I felt like he really knows his students!

I wish there was something like this that the high school could do.  I know these kids are too old for book fairs, but I wish there was more that they would get excited about in terms of the high school library.  These hours helped me realize that we need to showcase the HS library more and focus on a few things there.  Also- as I said above- it gave me more motivation to be involved in our school and community groups!  I loved it!

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I am signed up to receive emails from Ala graphics.]@ .  Bad Kitty is turning ten and kids can upload their image to make a poster.

 Bad Kitty's Birthday

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April 27th was my last observation and look forward to continue helping out when I can the rest of the year.  While a lot of my time spent in the library was productive some of the time I found myself dormant looking for things to do. I became very familiar with the library and built a lot of relationships with students as well as other teachers. The thing I will miss the most is working with the students during the after school cheers program. Many of the students in that program are in my classes and it was always my pleasure helping them in the library with other assignments.

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Today was my last observation for this class.  I have learned so much in just a little time.  This is what happened today.

Third grade students reviewed prefix and suffix.  While watching a brain pop video, they were to pay attention to examples of prefixes and suffixes.  After the video, the librarian showed students a set of index cards each labeled with a prefix, suffix, or root word.  She demonstrated how you can add a prefix or suffix or both to the root word to make new words and discussed how the meaning of the word had changed. Students were divided into 3 groups (one each for prefix, suffix, and root words), given blank index cards, and asked to write a prefix, suffix, or root word on their card.  To begin the activity, she asked for a student in the root word group to come up and then asked the prefix or suffix group if there was one that would go with the root word. Sometimes she would use both a prefix and suffix.  She asked the meaning of each prefix and suffix as it was used and asked the meaning of each new word.  Some kinks were worked out and this activity went better than the last rotation.

Second grade students began with a review of the Caldecott award.  The librarian gave bookmarks as rewards for correct answers.  She then read A Ball for Daisy.  This is a true picture book where the pictures tell the story.  She explained to them that today they were going to be illustrators trying to win a Caldecott award.  She told them to pay attention as she read them a short story that they would illustrate.  After illustrating, she shared their work.  I loved this activity.

Fourth grade students also received bookmarks as rewards for answering correct answers about the internet.  The students then did an activity based on reliable internet sources.

Kindergarten students practiced their play.

First grade students also had a review time.  They have been learning how books are placed in the library and what information is on the book label.  Students then exchanged their library books.

I was also able to witness the other tasks she does.  Our librarian is constantly trying to help out classroom teachers by enhancing and reinforcing what students learn.  She lets teachers know she can obtain resources (books, DVDs) for them.  I’ve seen this in action today.  Teachers came by requesting books on habitats and food chains.  When students were busy with their work, Mrs. Cummins gathered a selection of books and any DVD/tapes.  She also took the time to research on the internet for appropriate videos she didn’t have in her collection.  In the middle of a lesson, the delivery service came to pick up boxes being returned to the book fair company.  She helped students who were working on a book report for their teacher.  This is a great example of why librarians will never be obsolete.

I also noticed her behavior management.  First, she speaks very softly so children have to be quiet to hear her.  Second, she calmly count/snaps “1-2-3” very slowly and then says “zip your lips, eyes on me”.   To keep students on task during whole class reading, she told them to follow along because she would stop reading and they would have to read the next word.  This worked like a charm.  I will definitely use this in my class.

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I stated in my last post that I’m really passionate about plagiarism. Something I’m even more passionate about is banned books. I know this is going to sound like one big vent session so I truly apologize.

I do not believe in the term “banned books.” Educators are there to support students and encourage them to go after what they feel strongly about and what they believe in, even if that may or may not line up with what we, the educators, believe. Books are an amazing source of knowledge and wealth. Books are there to challenge our viewpoints and cause us to really dig deep into our own souls and find out what we’re really made of and who we truly are. If you don’t want to read something or you don’t want your children to read something, then by all means tell them not to get it off the shelf. There is no reason to punish other children for wanting to read. As I said in our class discussion, this by no means gives a librarian the right to put something like Fifty Shades of Grey on the shelf; however if a student wants to read Huckleberry Finn or To Kill a Mockingbird, why can’t they? Education is not only about furthering ourselves academically but also about furthering ourselves emotionally and characteristically. Books are able to teach things teachers can’t. Books have this uncanny ability to know what’s going on with us sometimes before we do; they also have an uncanny ability of helping us work through it. I believe in the power of education. I believe in the power of a book. I do not believe in the power of banning books. Banning books is like banning knowledge and saying, “instead of moving forward I want to move back.” We’ve already been there and it obviously didn’t work out too well.

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Something that really irritates me is when a student submits work as his or her own when just copied and pasted it from a website, especially wikipedia. Kids these days are so used to getting everything at the touch of a button and it just keeps getting worse. I tell my students all the time, “I would rather you write a paper that is all your own opinion with no supporting sources than copy and paste from the internet and submit as your own.” I guess citing sources intimidates them. I have no idea why they think it’s okay to submit someone else’s work as their own. Plagiarism is something I’m passionate about. So, I feel like this post has just turned into one long vent session. Also, when I was in school, they failed to ever make us write a paper. The paper we wrote was a creative short story that was three pages max. We never had to write a research paper. My teachers also never informed me how to properly cite sources. I didn’t learn any of that until my freshman year of college. I now make a point to tell my students about plagiarism especially since I also make them write papers. Students need to be free thinkers instead of grabbing all their ideas off the internet and posing them as their own


Although, it is the end of the semester and things are beginning to come  to a close, my librarian is still going strong. She and I have been talking about what she’s doing this week since we’re on lock down. She said the beginning and end are always the most hectic and the end is more hectic than the beginning. Now is the time for books to be turned in and to collect any fines that may exist. She’s also helping with EOCs. I think about my job as a teacher and her job as a librarian and realize, they’re not very different. Don’t get me wrong, I always knew a librarian had more to do than merely watch books all day. However, I did not know what all went into their job. The more I work with the librarian the more I get to see and the more experience I get to have. Getting to actually see everything has been able to help me prepare for my job in the field. I have always been a hands-on learner and this field experience has really helped me feel more comfortable about me going into the field of library media.

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I visited our public library this evening.  The last requirement on the list. I attended story hour at Henderson County Public Library.  It was high energy from start to finish!  Danielle, the leader, kept the kids captivated and motivated, not like they needed that! I had forgot how high energy these little kiddos can be, even at 6:30 in the evening.

The theme was frogs and before beginning, Danielle did a little ice breaker to get the wiggles out of them, then she read a story followed by another song, another wiggle remover song, another story, and then a simple make-it-take it frog activity. Then they were done!   Danielle is in charge of fall and summer story hour with the young ones. She has even branched out to infant story time, and toddler story time.  I was very impressed.